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Are you TCG Express Kiosk material?

The wise selection of prospective franchisees underpins the success of all franchise systems.

In order to arrive at a successful "commercial marriage", we go through a systematic and thoughtful approach to franchisee selection to reduce the likelihood of an "imperfect match".

At The Courier Guy, we are looking for special people to join the team. Here are some of the key qualities we look for in potential franchisees:

  • A passion for consistently providing great customer service
  • People who are dedicated, committed and energetic, with a drive to create success through their own efforts
  • An ability to communicate clearly and build relationships
  • Excellent selling skills and a natural drive towards the relentless execution of local marketing initiatives
  • Good time management skills
  • People who are comfortable working with computers and have a willingness to keep abreast of the latest technology trends for small businesses
  • Positive team players

Our most successful franchisees share our core values and philosophies.

They're motivated, inspired and driven to succeed.

If this sounds like you, we encourage you to learn more about joining The Courier Guy team in order to fulfil your business ambitions.

You'll be supported by a network of industry professionals whose responsibility is helping you realise success in business.

And you'll be joining a brand highly respected within our industry.

The Courier Guy
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