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Collection From Other Centers

Where a collection is required from another center, please contact The Courier Guy office.

Mode Of Transport

The Courier Guy uses a variety of transport types to affect delivery of shipments, the decision as to which mode of transport is used will at all time be at our discretion. Hazardous And Dangerous Goods In view of the sensitivity of hazardous goods, we require you to declare on our waybills whether a consignment contains hazardous materials or not. As per IATA regulations governing the transportation and packaging requirements for dangerous goods, various types of hazardous cargo must be packed in a prescribed manner. Please contact The Courier Guy office for further information.


Insurance is available at R50.00 per consignment: Vat exclusive, which extends cover to R2500.00, a premium of 2% of the value in excess of R2500.00, will be levied over and above the initial premium. It is important that you record the need for insurance on the waybill, as well as to specify the value to which you require the insurance. No claims will be entertained after 7 days.

Responsibility for Loss or Damage

Our company will accept responsibility up to the value declared for carriage, subject to our standard Conditions of Carriage. If no value is declared the maximum liability that we will accept is R50.00 per waybill.


Consignments are charged as the greater of either the actual or volumetric mass. The formula for calculating volumetric mass is as follows:

Length x Width x Height

Road 4000 / Air 5000


Our terms are strictly 30 days from date of statement date. Approved credit limits do apply to accounts in which case payment will be required sooner then 30 days from statement date if a client has reached their credit limit at any point. Settlement discounts for early payment 25 days from statement date may be applicable if arranged with Management.

Surcharge Consignment (Special Trips)

Where a special trip has to be made in order to achieve an extraordinary service and as a result there are additional costs involved, we will require a faxed acceptance of the quotation in order to achieve this service, preferably prior to the event.

Telephonic Quotations

Kindly be advised that telephonic quotations are subject to confirmation of the actual or volumetric mass.


All tariffs quoted exclude VAT, however International Consignments are zero rated, and therefore you are not required to pay VAT.

After Hours Contact Numbers

Please contact The Courier Guy office to supply you with all the relevant after hours telephone numbers.

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