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What started as "a favour for a friend" in 2000 has developed into a worldwide courier company, setting a trend for franchising in this industry.

When Stephen Gleisner dropped a file at the printers for a friend, he did not envisage becoming the latest courier service in town. Having time on hand it was easy to "do a favour" for a few more people. As business came streaming in it necessitated the employing of another driver and setting up an office. Later another driver followed and another and so on.

Customers noticed this and even though "business was good", it was not the same as when Stephen was the driver. Coming from a franchising background the solution was forthcoming. By franchising the areas a franchisee will not only take responsibility for customers but also build relationships and thus give a customer the attention they deserve! So, The Courier Guy has grown from the humble beginning on one motorbike and the servants quarters in to a tightly knit family of Customers, Franchisees and Agents.

The Courier Guy will not only offer you the same service but in fact a better level of service.

The moving of parcels between A and B is really the easy part. What clearly differentiates us in the market place is the "behind the scenes support and attention to detail" you will receive from everyone in the organisation.

The Courier Guy is passionate about establishing close relationships with our client base, which I might add has been carefully selected as not to drop our service standards.

Direct and clear communication between us is critical and there is never a situation where you will speak to ten different people. The people you deal with will have a clear understanding of what your business is all about.

Problem solving is another area of high focus with The Courier Guy. When a problem does occur who is the first to know? Obviously it must be you and again we pride ourselves in taking a strong pro-active approach in communicating with our clients of the nature of the problem as well as offering solutions to you.


Through franchising we have structured our organisation so; that the main focus are the customer and the franchisee. We have been able to empower individuals with responsibility from the driver upwards to the franchisee. We have eliminated unproductive environments and unprofitable courier branches. Everyone in the organisation has to be service driven and hence customer driven in order to make a success of their business.

  • Waybills
  • Tracking Labels
  • After hours contact list
  • Rapid response times to your queries
  • Training on The Courier Guy products
  • A positive attitude at all times by all members of The Courier Guy
We trust that our submission proves of interest to you and look forward to discussing in more detail at a time convenient to yourself in the near future.
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